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IQ Option Philippines

IQ Option in the Philippines is a leading binary options broker presenting its exclusive, modern, advanced, and user-friendly trading platform to the traders. Its trading platform offers advanced charts and analysis tools to refer to while trading. You can open a free demo trading account or real trading account in just a few minutes with IQ Option Philippines. Hence, it is preferred by the professional traders, and new traders also find it very useful. The platform allows you to trade both classic binary options and the most popular turbo options. Turbo options have expiry ranging from – 60 seconds up to 5 minutes, with payout up to 91% ( amount to be credited to account for a successful trade ).

Weekend trading is also available during the weekend on selected currencies. IQ Option has recently introduced Forex and CFD trading on the same trading platform. So, you need not look for a different account or broker if you like to trade Forex and CFD.

The trading platform of IQ Option offers built-in indicators to help you make the right trading decision without switching between windows while trading. It offers you a distraction-free trading environment.


Unique features with IQ Option Philippines

IQ Option Philippines has its unique trading platform featuring Forex trading, Binary Options, and CFD trading. Hence you don’t have to open different accounts for trading Forex and CFD in Philippines. IQ Option Philippines complies with major regulators and offers you an unparalleled trading experience. You can trade Cryptocurrencies CFDs with flexible leverage on IQ Option platform. The Cryptocurrencies available are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other major crypto coins.

IQ Option Philippines/ IQ Forex Philippines

It is an online trading platform for new and experienced Filipino traders. The traders can open trades in multiple types of instruments and assets such as

Options: The users can speculate on the price of several different assets, which include currencies, stocks, and commodities. The platform currently provides a gateway to over +9 million options.

Forex: FX trading, or Forex Philippines, is a popular trading market and IQ Option gives access to around 190 currency trading major and minor pairs. It allows users to trade their favorite currencies.

CFD (Stocks): Allows users to trade CFDs on stocks from over 170 different companies, including the most successful businesses listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE.

Peringkat broker opsi biner:

ETF’S: ETF trading is a new product, and ETFs work by tracking commodities, indices, and most of the assets. It can be traded in the same way as common stocks, and traders can choose from approximately 4000 different ETFs.

While trading Binary Options the role of the traders is predicting the price that will go up (CALL) from the strike price or go down from the strike price (PUT). If the trader does the prediction correctly, the trade ends in favor of the trader and gives up to 91%* profit. It is like the example in the picture below.

Funding and Account verification

Depositing your money to IQ Option is as simple as withdrawing it. With IQ Option, you can select your preferred form of deposit, with just a minimum deposit of 10 USD/EUR/GBP. Trading is made accessible for everyone, and IQ Option does not charge any fees for depositing funds.
The first step is to make your first deposit, and then, you need to go through the account verification process.

To verify your account, just follow these step-by-step guide:

  • Email Confirmation: First, once registered into the broker, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your ownership.
  • Phone Verification: Second, you need to verify your phone number by receiving a SMS for confirmation.
  • Personal Data: Third, you need to submit your correct information: first and last name, country, region, etc.
    Once submitted your data information, you can fund your account via multiple ways of payment methods.

Credit / Debit Card: Or Bank cards, you can fund your account via “VISA” or “MASTERCARD” Instantly.

Neteller Philippines: The best way to fund your account, and most used by many traders is online purchases; this method is used due to high security and fast service. Register Now!
And other methods of deposit such as Skrill ( Same Neteller), Advcash, Webmoney, Bitcoin, etc.

Fund Withdrawal Philippines

With IQ Option, withdrawing is just as fast and easy; withdrawal minimum amount is 2 USD/EUR/GBP. However, you can only withdraw your money to the payment method used for the deposit. For example, you deposited Neteller Philippines; you can only withdraw to Neteller. And if you deposited via Bank Card, you can withdraw only the amount you deposited, and the profit goes to an e-wallet (Neteller, Skrill).

For example: If you put 100 USD/EUR/GBP to your account, you will make a 200 USD/EUR/GBP profit, so your total balance is 300 USD/EUR/GBP. You can withdraw 100 USD/EUR/GBP to your bank card, and it will appear as a refund from IQ Option. Then the 200 USD/EUR/GBP profit can be withdrawn to your favorite e-wallet ( Neteller or Skrill – Recommended).
The withdrawal process takes between 1-2 business days depends on the method payment used; e-wallet takes a maximum of 24 hrs.
Submitting a request for withdrawal needs proof of identity such as National identity, Passport, Driver License. You will be able to withdraw any amount once successfully verified.
Customer Support
There are currently around 97 Customer Support with different languages supported by IQ Option. It allows users to contact the company using multiple methods such as:
Chat: Traders can quickly get in touch with chat support through the “Support Chat Tab.”
E-Mail: Traders can send an e-mail to “[email protected]
Phone Call: Traders can call and get phone support for assistance.

Broker’s General Information

Company Name: IQ OPTION LTD

Founded: 2020
Registration No. 24840 IBC 2020
Registered Address: Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent and Grenadines
Phone Number: +442080680760

Broker Services for Philippines Traders

Filipino Traders: YES
Services Offered: Binary Options, Digital Options, Forex CFDs, Stocks, and Commodity CFDs
Video Tutorial: YES

IQ Option Philippines is one of the prestigious names in the financial industry, having customers from all over the world. It complies with several regulating authorities in Europe and the UK while accepting traders from all over the world except few countries. The Binary Options and Forex traders from Philippines can trade with IQ Option, and it is legal to do so. However, you have to fulfill your local tax liabilities for your earnings from trading Forex, CFD, and Binary Options.

Finally, it is legal to trade Binary Options with IQ Option in the Philippines as long as you comply with your local tax liabilities. You should consult a professional tax advisor if you want detailed and personalized advice.

Account Types – IQ Option

There are three types of accounts, you can open with IQ Option. They are:

Demo Account: This type of account is made for beginners but also for experienced traders who want to test new strategies. After registering with IQ Option, it will offer you to practice with 10,000$ Free Demo money.

Real account: This is the standard account used for trading with real funds. Once you deposit at least 10$ USD minimum investment, you can start making real money by trading with real money.

VIP account: VIP account holders get additional features, like personal account manager, free access to tournaments, higher profitability rates, and Fast withdrawal within 4 hours and less.

IQ Option Review – Conclusion

IQ Option is one of the most trusted and regulated binary options broker offering its advanced trading features to Philippines traders. It is regulated/authorized to carry out its business. It has got the best in the industry customer service and a wide range of payment methods and same-day fund withdrawal for clients. You can trust them while trading binary option with IQ Option in Philippines.

Tips IQ Option

Selama hampir 3 tahun, broker IQ Option telah terbukti sebagai sebuah sistem perdagangan yang boleh dipercayai. Banyak pengguna mengakui platform ini paling senang digunakan, kerana ia mempunyai pelbagai set fungsi dan alatan berguna, dan ia memberi anda peluang untuk belajar dan menambah baik kemahiran perdagangan anda dalam ruang pasaran. Banyak pengguna platform ini meninggalkan tips untuk pedagang baharu agar mereka berasa selesa dan memperoleh keuntungan dengan sistem ini.

Kebanyakan pedagang baharu mempunyai pelbagai soalan dan kebanyakannya tentang bagaimana menjana keuntungan dan mengelakkan risiko. Ini dan pelbagai tips lain disediakan dalam artikel ini.

Kadar rendah

Jangan laburkan banyak wang untuk transaksi tersebut. Adalah lebih baik memperoleh pendapatan kecil tetapi stabil berbanding rugi sejumlah besar wang sekali. Kelebihan sistem ini ialah caruman minimumnya – ini membolehkan anda mula bekerja dengan kadar dan kos minimum.

Pilih satu strategi

Strategi membolehkan anda membuat ramalan dengan lebih tepat. Anda boleh membina strategi anda atau gunakan apa yang telah dibina oleh pedagang yang lebih berpengalaman. Ini merupakan penyelesaian terbaik jika anda berasa sukar untuk melakukan analisis dan menilai situasi pasaran untuk transaksi semasa.

Jangan takut dengan risiko

Risiko berkait rapat dengan perdagangan, anda harus bersedia untuknya. Jika anda tidak mahu kerugian wang yang banyak, maka masukkan sejumlah wang (sebaik-baiknya yang minimum). Ini akan membantu anda menetapkan had dan mengelakkan kerugian yang besar.

Kawal emosi anda

Dalam erti kata lain, anda perlu mempunyai disiplin, iaitu, kawalan terhadap emosi anda. Panik boleh membawa kepada risiko dan kerugian; kelakuan impulsif tidak boleh dibawa ketika berdagang. Broker memerlukan pemikiran logik dan bersih, emosi sama sekali tidak diperlukan.

Banyakkan bersabar

Banyak pengguna sistem perdagangan bersifat kurang sabar. Ini adalah kesilapan terbesar dalam bidang aktiviti ini. Anda perlu ingat bahawa keuntungan besar tidak datang hanya dengan dua klik. Anda perlu meraih banyak pengetahuan dan pengalaman terlebih dahulu. Pedagang tidak melihat kepada keuntungan besar dan menjauhkan diri daripada broker. Jika anda boleh merancang dan membuat ramalan dengan tepat, maka ini boleh menjadi pekerjaan yang anda gemari dan menguntungkan.

Jangan takut untuk menekan butang

Banyak pedagang takut untuk menekan butang dan memeterai urus niaga. Ini adalah sifat tidak yakin dan kebimbangan terhadap kerugian. Setiap keputusan merupakan hasil analisis dan penelitian berdasarkan pengetahuan anda, jangan takut untuk membuat tindakan.

Ini bukan hanya beberapa tips yang akan membantu anda menjadi pedagang profesional. Kawalan emosi, pilihan strategi dan perancangan jelas bagi setiap tindakan adalah asas kepada perdagangan yang berjaya. Broker ini memberikan anda banyak tips agar semua pengguna memperoleh bantuan yang mereka perlukan. Anda tidak perlu takut, hanya jangan sesekali malas untuk meneliti lebih banyak maklumat dan meluaskan pengetahuan anda mengenai sistem perdagangan tersebut. Pembangunan kendiri akan mendorong anda meraih lebih banyak pengalaman dan ini membolehkan anda membuat lebih banyak urus niaga menguntungkan yang akan membantu anda mencapai kebebasan kewangan.

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